Saturday, January 05, 2008

Packing it all up

Most of the Xmas stuff is packed away. A 3 foot tree takes about 5 minutes to undecorate & fold up. The rest of it took about 15 minutes.  The only things still in evidence are the strings of lights. They are a bit higher up than I can reach, even on a step ladder. So they await DH's return. Even if I could reach them I'd leave them up because he has gone to purchase a new bin to store them. 

I've told him that I'd like *us* to clean out the junk room closet sometime in the coming weeks. Most of it is his stuff & if he leaves it to me I'll pitch it all. My theory is, the stuff has been in there 5 years without being looked at or missed, so it's all garbage.  I have stuff in there too & I feel the same way about my stuff.  The space is badly utilized now. I want to clean it out, re org the stuff we want to keep & use the regained space to store the xmas stuff, which is now in the boys' and our closets. Plus maybe store some of the stuff that is taking up space in the junk room. The stuff in bins in the junk room is stuff we actually need & use, but it can't go in the closet because it is full of stuff we haven't looked at or missed in 5 years. 

Then there is the spare room closet.....

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