Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time for the bi-annual HD purge

First I backed it all up onto my back up drive.  Then I deleted the stuff I don't want to keep - mostly digi scrap stuff I have not used in 6 months and cannot imagine ever using.   Then I burned to DVD the stuff I wanted to keep, but wanted off my HD - audiobooks I have already listened to, the .psp versions of my layouts,1hour scrap product I have created & uploaded, receieved files.  Then I went through ACDSee to burn disks of the stuff I think I may not use, but am not sure about, yet still want off my hard drive, but still want in my 'catalog'.  Then,after confirming the DVDs actually have the stuff on them, I press the delete button.

Deleted digi stuff - 8GBs

.psp files - 6GBs

audiobooks- 4GBs


Received files-4GBs

ACDSee burn-8.5GBs

Approximately 35GBs of stuff cleared from my HD, almost half of it being unwanted or poorly chosen digi supplies.  Many of them were freebies, some were things I have been holding onto in the 'unlikely' folder for over a year, but a decent percentage were things I bought because everyone raved about them or they were on a big markdown. About 6 months ago I resolved to only buy things that I can see myself actually using immediately, only the things I can envision right then, in a layout. Going by the dates on the stuff, I have been pretty good about that. The things I didn't use were due to disappointing previews. So I need to start seaching the store's gallerys for layouts using the stuff before I buy it to get a better sense of the kits. 

My new rule for this year is each kit has to used twice. The price of kits are going up & to feel like I am getting my money's worth I need to be able to get at least 2 pages out of the kit.  I did very well with my Xmas selections. I used Twas the Night 6 times and Sleigh Bells Ring 4 times, the other ones have all been used twice and items from all of them have appeared in multiple layouts.  I spent about $20-25 on all the kits together and will have about 32 pages with them when I am done.  I need to do more of that in the coming year.

I scrapped 133 pages in 2007.

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