Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Mommy guilt

I have never had any of my digital photos printed, except for occasional ones by myself on my non-photo printer.  You can probably imagine just how many photos a digital scrapbooker with 2 small children has taken over a 5 year period. A couple thousand easily.

My kids keep asking me to go through photo albums. Why don't we have photo albums to look at like their friends do?  "Mommy, photos cost to much?" Yeah, Mommy would rather spend the photo printing money on magazines,  bad Mommy, not thinking about her kids wanting to see real photos, not just slideshows on the computer.  

I did go through them by month & year and narrow down my very favorites and then I uploaded them to Wal Mart. Even after the narrowing down I still uploaded well over 600 photos, and have not gone though 2007's photos yet.  I cannot afford to have 600 photos printed at one time, so I had just 2002-03 printed this month.  168 photos, all of Havoc.

They arrived today. Mayhem was so upset there were no photos of him, he was in tears about it.  I suspected that would happen but I have this thing about chronological order. I couldn't afford to get 2004 printed this time. He cried for 15 minutes, "No photos of Baby Mayhem.... where photos of Baby Mayhem? All Baby Havoc" Poor thing.  Made me feel so bad.  I could have not bought Cook's Illustrated last week & and least had his first month's photos printed. Bad bad Mommy.

Now I have these 168 photos, that I had to put in chronological order, because Wal Mart screwed them up and while doing that I ignored my kids clamoring for snacks because "I'm in the middle of something here!" Bad Mommy again. Add to that the "Don't touch that! Put that down!" barked commands, when they began rifling through the stacks of sorted photos.  Bad bad Mommy. I will be ignoring them and barking at them some more over the next few days while I get the photos into an album and get them annotated.  So someday when they are grown they can look at the album and remember:

Havoc: Oh these are those photos we spend a whole week in time out because of .

Mayhem: Yeah, and they are all of *you*

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