Monday, February 09, 2009

Apparently I didn’t get the memo

I’ve been on Facebook for a couple of years.  I don’t honestly know how long because I hardly ever go out there. I don’t really ‘get’ Facebook or at least I didn’t until a week or so ago.

I have a Facebook account because some people I know online had Facebook accounts & everyone was sending one another flair or maybe throwing food at each other, I can’t recall, but I wanted to get in on it. But after I threw a few soba noodles around there didn’t seem to be much point to the place. Everyone else was talking about how they were reconnecting with people from high school & other old friends. 

No one I knew was on Facebook. Nobody. I was the only person in my high school class there. There were 2 people from my class on MySpace and I found a few people I think were kids of former classmates, but no one I knew, or used to know in real life, was on Facebook as recently as 4 months ago.

Suddenly though there are a bunch of people I used to know on Facebook.  It’s like everyone got a Facebook page for Christmas, like the reunion committee sent out a letter to the class saying to join Facebook. There are about 18 people from my class of 150 currently on Facebook. My SIL is on Facebook. People from my old neighborhood are suddenly on Facebook.

Did I miss the memo?

Possibly I never got it because I was already on Facebook.

I am enjoying it. It’s nice to be able to catch up with people, to pick up old friendships & make new ones with people I wasn’t all that close to then. But it’s going to take a little getting used to.

I’m still not quite sure about the whole Facebook experience. But someone sent me a sudoku game and I’ve lost approximately 6 hours so far playing mind games as a result.


Lola said...

I don't "get" the Facebook thing at all. I got on it because an online friend from nearly 10 years ago left Friendster and went to FB. So she was my first friend.

Then a girl from my high school who just about gave me a concussion on the bus slamming my head into the window was my second friend. I'm sure she doesn't even recall the offense.

The third person was a boy I knew from grade school. Again, no pleasantries exchanged and both he and the girl from high school have yet to exchange pleasantries and it has been almost 3 months.

The 4th person was my next door neighbor growing up. She keeps passing me drinks, but again, has yet to exchange pleasantries even.

There are only a handful of kids from my high school. I'm really not even seeing the point of this.

What the heck is the point of exchanging virtual beers?

FranMag said...

I've had the same experience as you in the last few weeks. People from my past have flooded Facebook. I'm really glad because I'm the worst letter writer in the world and I would not be in touch with them otherwise. :-)

Barb said...

I love FB, and I never bother with the drinks or the quizzes.

Too Many Hats said...

I am not on FB because one more internet thing to suck away my time is really not welcomed here :) I know my weaknesses and I try to avoid them.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I have noticed the same thing! I have also been on for awhile...and now I am getting all kinds of fun friend requests from my past!

NotAlwaysCharming said...

I just joined on Sunday and I've been having a total blast.

Why didn't anyone tell me this was so much cooler than MySpace??

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I just collect friends on FB.
You're right, everybody is on FB. Even people my mom's age! Crazy.

My Lil Guyz said...

Yes, I think it is the new except it is free.
I have over a hundred friends and my father joined. He asked me, am I really friends with all these people. Well, you have grade school, high school, college, sorority, work, playdate moms, and relatives, of course they end up being that high.
Most people I havn't seen since then and some I was really not "friends with", but more friendly with.
Anyway, I hate getting those flairs, snowball fights and whatnot for me to sign up for. I just don't have time for that. I just post updates on my family.
Anyway, it is interesting to see what people look like when you havn't seen them in a while.

Creative Junkie said...

I've had a Facebook account for awhile now, but I still don't get the whole thing. I'm not into flinging food at anyone and I have no idea what to do with flair.

I find that site very hard to navigate, but every so often, I logon to see what's going on.