Friday, May 22, 2009

Adjusting to the new member

We have a dog now. Her name is Athena. She is from the shelter. They think she is about a year old & a mix of Plott Hound, Greyhound and something else, probably Beagle or Retriever.

In other words, she is a dog. She’s about dog sized & looks like a dog. Or at least she is more or less the vague image that comes to my mind when someone says “dog”, maybe a little taller and darker in the coat. The sort of dog found roaming the neighborhood when I was kid – your hound retriever huntin’ dog mutt. We had a miniature schnauzer, which is fine but small and yappy & not really what I think of when I picture a dog in my mind.

Havoc is over the moon with joy.


I’m just ok with it. I am not a dog person but I’ll get used her. She is a nice dog, knows some commands & is just a bit over enthusiastic right now, which is natural enough. We start obedience training next Saturday. The whole family is going.

DH brings her in the house for a little bit in the evenings after their jog/walk.  Smoke was not overjoyed at the prospect


We don’t know what Thor thought, he stayed under the sofa until Athena went back to her kennel.

I did this layout Wednesday


The dog is bigger than Mayhem in weight and taller when she stands on her back legs or jumps up. Mayhem is not at all sure about this dog thing. He wants to play with her but he is afraid of her. We’re hoping the training class will help him assume an air of authority with her. So mostly he has been playing Wii



Creative Junkie said...

My girls want a dog so badly! But I just can't do it, because I know that it will be ME taking care of it most of the time and I'm just not up for it. My poo duty days are over.

ptooie said...

What a beautiful dog. Poor cats. I hope they start relaxing soon...

Days of Whine & Noses said...

thanks for following me! I'm a HUGE scrapbooker, too! :)

Dee said...

thanks for following me too...I, too, love scrapbooking. I would like to get more tips from you ...and wonder if you would like to be featured on my blog site for the next Featurig Mom's Blogs?

do you scrapbook online? if so where? I like your backgrounds-you are quite a createor there. Email me to discuss it!

Safe hugz,
A Mom's Journey

Momisodes said...

What a gorgeous pup! I love the pages you've created. Just beautiful :)

Aunt Becky said...

Adorable! I'm not a huge dog person either, but mine have grown on me. Your dog is gorgeous.