Friday, May 08, 2009

what to wear

I’m getting ready to go to a pagan festival. The Blue Ridge Beltane festival, which requires a bit of driving but not so much driving that I will be doing anything so foolish as camping, I’ll just be getting home late & leaving early. I’d rather spend a couple hours on the road than sleep in a tent. Cuz I am that sort of nature worshiping pagan.

My biggest concern is what to wear.

You can go so many directions with clothes at a pagan festival. Some of them even consider clothing optional (not this one).

You can unleash your inner fairy and float around in sheer scarves & wings. You can go pagan primitive, wearing one long unadorned woven cotton tunic and carry a staff. You could be the pagan Mr T and wear every pentacle you own, plus ones borrowed from friends. Goth is always popular as is the Stevie Nicks gypsy look. Or belly dancing clothes.  Men in tights or kilts. Many people just wear parts of the Ren fest clothing.

There is nothing wrong with jeans and tee shirt, but in this environment it seems to imply you aren’t really trying.

I am a big fan of the Stevie Nicks gypsy look personally, though I lack the clothing to carry it off. My opportunities to look like a backup singer for Rhiannon are limited so I don’t buy that sort of thing much any more.

And it’s been raining.  And isolated thundershowers are expected.

Its one thing to be all whispy & floaty & swirly in your flowing silky skirts & scarves. It’s another to be drowned rat with lots of clammy fabric clinging to you.

And let’s not discuss the inner thigh clearance issue and the discomfort that can bring on humid days.

And I really don’t like getting weird looks when I stop at a gas station.

“Is that a fairy? IDriving a mini van?”

So I currently have about 3 outfits stuffed in my backpack on the theory that I will see what everyone else is wearing and change when I get there.

Because paganism is all about expressing your individuality. :)


Maritzia said...

I was invited to a Beltane ritual last weekend. I favor big flowing skirts and a loose blouse myself. A little dangerous for jumping the cauldron, but wonderful for dancing wildly around the Beltane fire.

MoonNStarMommy said...

Have fun!! I want to see pictures!!

Too Many Hats said...

LOL, appreciate your humor. I would totally camp, but then I am not a nature loving pagan ;)