Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday George Lucas

Thank you for your intergalactic epic and thank you for introducing me to this guy

The object of my affection since 1977. 32 years later I still get that giggly little girl feeling when I see him. He’s everything my pre-teen dreams of dashing pirates wanted.

It’s a bit more of a grown up feeling when I see Indiana Jones.

Thank you for him too. Just something about a tough, rugged manly, highly intelligent, professorial guy with a bullwhip. He is such an awesome character - a sensitive badass. Thanks for creating him.

My boys love the Star Wars & Indiana Jones sagas. They love the Lego Star Wars game. Mayhem is so obsessed with it, we had to enforce a game play time limit because he was getting up at 5am to play it.

He is currently watching Return of the Jedi as I type this.

George, you have brought a lot of happiness & imagination to my life. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

I did the blogthings Star Wars name & title & this is my result

Your Star Wars Name Is Stacr Hiwhe
Your Star Wars Title Is Drocho of Mehyam


Too Many Hats said...

Wow, happy birthday to George! Gotta love Harrison Ford too.

Eve said...

the hots for Luke Skywalker! LOL I use to lay on my bed and stare at my posst of him up on my wall planning our wedding..sigh...LOL

Eve said...

Ugh, typos galore in that post! LOL it should read "I had the hots for Luke Skywalker! I use to lay on my bed and stare at my poster of him on my wall planning our wedding...sigh...LOL

Creative Junkie said...

Yummmmmmmm - Harrison Ford.

My Star Wars name is Andch Stroc.