Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rebellious minions


Conversation between two girls and four boys pretending they are in Star Wars. Oldest Girl & Oldest Boy are trying to organize it.

Oldest Boy – I am a Jedi!

Second boy – I am Jedi too

Oldest Girl – I am a Princess

Third boy – I jedi too

OB – We can’t all be Jedi

OG to Third Boy – You are guard

Clamoring of protests from the masses about not being Jedi

Second boy – I’m still a Jedi – HMMMMMMM- waving imaginary light saber around

Third boy begins sword fighting with second boy

Oldest girl, shouting – No, guards don’t fight Jedi! are you a storm trooper? You have to use a gun

Younger girl – I’m a princess

OG – No I’m the princess, you have to be a guard too.

Youngest boy makes phaser sounds and jumps around

OS – You are not supposed to shoot other guards!

YG – I am too a princess. you be a guard

OG – I said I was a princess first

Boys leap around waving imaginary light sabers arguing about who is on who’s side and how some of them have to be Storm Troopers but keep switching sides. Younger girl starts imaginary laser fire. Second Boy insists he is too a Jedi

OG tries to take charge shouting – I am the princess you all have to OBEY ME!!!

Mass jumping around & use of weapons. Protests of “I’m a Jedi” “I’m a stormtrooper.” “No you are a guard” are heard

OG repeats - I am the princess you all have to OBEY ME!!!

Younger Girl – Well, I am the Queen!

OB – I’m the Jedi master, I don’t have to listen to you.

Two younger boys leap off hill while pretending to be hit by laser fire or maybe by army men, the plot has been lost.

OG tries one more time – I’m in charge! Line up guards!

Youngest boy – what is a guard?

OG gives up & goes to play with the dog. Youngest boy wanders off and others fall off the dirt pile while pretending to be shot.


._. said...

hahaha I seriously just cracked up. ce would so be part of that. whenever little kids talk to him at playgrounds or wherever he still insists his name is obi won ^_^

Too Many Hats said...

Wow, that brought back memories - I played that same game when I was a kid, and yes, I WAS THE PRINCESS!!!!

Tracy said...

LOL...I love the imagination of children!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. Did you transcribe what happens in MY house? Because you are obviously stalking me now.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Are you spying on my kids???? LOL!

Madge said...

k -- that happens at my house, except it's just two boys. hey spend 58 minutes arguing about who gets to be who and then play for two minutes.

Creative Junkie said...


We have never had any Star Wars re-enactments in our house but if we had? My husband would be the writer, director and producer. And star.