Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artwork by Havoc

This one is legitimately done as an assignment


What I like are the expressions. Gulped & Appetizing both look happy.

Neither the boarder nor his landlord look particularly pleased about the payment, possibly the boarder is behind on his rent & still has not paid up.

Even the robot seems displeased by the diversity.

And Grumbling… at least he is clearly articulating his problem. He’s hungry and that guy with the hot dog (who also resembles the hot dog) is not sharing.

It’s not quite up to Havoc’s usual standards but he said those boxes are hard to fit things in.


SciFi Dad said...

Is part of the diversity a violinist?

Helena said...

It's hard to be box in your talent like that. I'm loving the diversity picture :)

LosingBrownies said...

I love children interpertation of words! That is one of my favorite assignment!

Rinda1961 said...

I love the picture for community.

Jean said...

That's an interesting assignment. I love childrens' art.

Daily Sugar said...

I love this assignment! Always interesting to see what a child thinks of when they see a word. The appetizing is probably my favorite because of the whole saying "You are what you eat", he clearly showed that in this picture. :o)

Carrie said...

lol, too cute. Love the robot in the diversity!

Andrea Chamberlain said...

I think it's pretty damn good! I would have no idea how to draw a picture of gulped or grumbling.

I adore his diversity one!