Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Writing this month

I’m sure you have seen that it is NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month or NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.

The theory is similar.

Write something every day for a month, though NaNoWriMo has a stated goal of writing from scratch, a minimum 50,000-word novel. NaBloPoMo only gets you 31 posts of whatever length you wish.

You could combine them of course if you want.

I did NaBloPoMo a couple years ago. But it is challenging for me because we spend 4 solid days on the road in November every year and I am not the sort of person who blogs from her phone. I need big, full sized keys to type more than 140 words. And I have this self imposed thing about each post being created on an individual day, not piling up 3 posts to auto post while I am on the road.

So I thought I would actually try writing this month.

A long long time ago, I created a galaxy far far away.

Well, a world anyway, not an entire galaxy. It started out as fantasy world for a D&D role playing game I was running in college & grew over time into a story & then several short stories featuring a plethora of characters. I came across my notes about the characters, the details of the world I created, the governments, the politics, a bunch of stuff about thieves guild structures and several of the short stories. So much stuff came back to me while reading it, side issues with taxes on booze & the major port town, a badly planned overthrow of a local governor by the thieves guild, a half a dozen minor characters who probably have no use at all but I’ll enjoy writing about them. 

I’ve decided I am going to write some more about that world. How much ends up story & how much end up character sketches & vignettes explaining various oddities about the world I have yet to decide.

But this month I am going to pick up a pen and write on paper, every single day, something about this world.

If I come up with anything that can stand on it’s own, without lots of backstory & exposition, I’ll share it.

Otherwise expect randomness as usual.


SciFi Dad said...

OK, you can't suggest the possibility of D&D character exposition and then not deliver. There's laws against that sort of thing.

Mama Mary said...

NaMoWriMo is a great idea. I did NaBloPoMo two years ago when I first start blogging and it kicked my arse. But it was great and I did meet some fun bloggers that way. Good luck with your writing challenge! I can't wait to read what comes from it!

Laniereeblog said...

That is my favorite kind of story. I've always wondered what it would be like to create an entire world. Someday, I would love to read your stories.

humel said...

That sounds a lot of fun! I'm not doing NaBloPoMo, having just finished Blogtoberfest - though chances are I'll post each day anyway.... I'm a bit intimidated by NaMoWriMo but doing Shimelle's True Stories class has helped me to rediscover my love of writing, so maybe next year? Meanwhile, I do hope we get to read bits of yours :-)

Beverly said...

I love those kinds of worlds, hope you decide to share some excerpts. I am a fan of auto post so really have no excuse if I don't complete my 31 days of my "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart" series...I definitely have more than 31 things to give thanks for :)

DeeDeeBee said...

Randomness as usual is all good! Good luck with the challange!

Andrea Chamberlain said...

I know quite a few people involved in this - I had never heard of it before! I feel like it's too late for me to get involved at this point - whether that's a matter of timing or pure procrastination so as to avoid facing my own fear of failing at writing - I'm not sure.

Your story sounds fascinating - I'd love to see where you take it! Or read, rather.

Carrie said...

What a neat idea! Sounds like an interesting story you're working on!