Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Winners

Just a few today




new toys


practice with the +2 lens


Hunting season


Our 13 year old cat Nefertiti. She has always hated being photographed

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Sarah said...

Jealous of the new toys!! So very jealous!! Loving the +2 shot and the ammo....great series!!!

Lizziemade said...

Love the first photo, of the sunset - quite atmospheric. Lucky you, having new Lenses... I just have my "point and shoot"... could do with a decent SLR at this time of year - just can't get good enough photos for my shop, the light is dreadful.
Nefertiti is sweet. She was obviously feeling in a good mood when you took that photo! Our old man loves the camera - if you point the lens at him, he comes to see what you're doing!

Terrie said...

hunting season is very cool, and i can relate to a grouchy kitty.

Tara R. said...

Your Nefertiti looks a lot like our Scruffy. He doesn't like getting his photo taken either.

Denise said...

JEALOUS of the new toys!

Beautiful sunset, also.

Jientje said...

My cat is sevent(een years old and very camera shy too! I love your new toys!

Jen G. said...

oh like your new toys, what is that?? your kitty is so serious huh? :)