Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Ramble

It was a quiet weekend here at Casa de Demons.

There was football on tv Sat & Sun.  DH and Mayhem bonded while watching hours of it in the living room. Havoc and I watched random stuff on Discovery in the bedroom. Things about haunted places, underground places, hidden places and a Dirty Jobs episode that must hold the record for most swear words ever.

Havoc amused himself by trying to guess the words.




Nope, kid. Those are all words you can say on TV.

Then there were the explanations about why such and such a person killed themselves & is now haunting the lighthouse. And what’s a prostitute? And what is prohibition & how can I be drinking a beer now if alcohol was made illegal? And why did that guy build a castle in 1890 when castles were built in the middle ages? And what spirits was that lady so afraid of & how were those weird rooms supposed to make them happy?

Makes me long for one of those WWII in Color shows.

I worked on my cross stitch project while all this was going on.

I also created two layouts



Mostly I laid around. I was sore from Body Pump Friday. It was the first Pump class I had been to since early October and only the 3rd time I had been to the gym since the Monday after Thanksgiving.


I actually only had to back up my weights a small bit, leaving off the 2.5lbs for squats & the back track. Everything else was the same weight as last time. So I feel good I have been keeping up my strength training at home in my half assed workout way.

This week I need to clean the pantry out and I need to do it before Thursday. The kids have half days Thursday & Friday. Right now I always open the pantry door with some trepidation. I expect boxes of cereal or bags of goldfish crackers to come tumbling out on me every time I open it. So far it has just been plastic cookie cutters.

Look for a post about it later this week.


SciFi Dad said...

I think I got some grey hairs just thinking about that Discovery Channel conversation. Makes me glad my daughter is too scared to watch anything other than Playhouse Disney or Treehouse.

Alexandra said...

Ok. You just inspired me to work out.

Stepping away from the computer, and get that jiggly butt under control. Glad I came here today.

scrapchick said...

lol, Sounds like a pretty nice weekend though!

Rinda1961 said...

So, was the haunted lighthouse featuring prostitutes and prohibition in Northern California? If so, it's five minutes from my house!