Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Rambles

Today I haven’t even got it together enough to ramble.

So I am treating you all to thoughts from my notepad, where I jot down stuff as it occurs to me during the day. Sometimes those thoughts become blog posts. These didn’t quite make the cut.

~ Maybe cats stare because we change colors. Think about it. Your grey striped cat does not wake up one morning & decide to be an orange spotted cat. Yet you put on a green shirt one day and a red shirt the next. That has to be confusing to them.

~ McD’s stops serving breakfast at 10:30. On the dot. (here anyway) Have you ever wanted a Big Mac at 10:35 am? My mind is still on Egg McMuffins & those pancake sandwiches until well after 11am. But they only serve breakfast until 11am on weekends, when I am never in town. I need to find out when Burger King stops serving breakfast since apparently they are now serving the exact same food.

~ My car battery doesn’t like the cold & refuses to start the car, randomly, when it gets below 32F. This is mildly annoying in my driveway, where I have a car starter machine that will jump the battery. It’s rather embarrassing in grocery store parking lots, where I stand around in the cold, holding a set of jumper cables and asking strange men if they want to jump me. Like I am a  streetwalker with REALLY kinky services.

~ Everywhere I go to eat lately offers a burger with an egg on it. Usually on the bacon & cheese burger. Which is pretty much putting a sandwich on a sandwich to my mind (I like a bacon & egg sandwich and I like cheese burgers). But then there is one that also put fries on the burger, as well as the bacon, egg and cheese. That’s obscene, fattening, decadent & strangely compelling. I keep trying to get whoever I am with to order it so I can have a bite. But so far no takers.

~ I sewed an apron yesterday. A full smock style apron, not one of those little half aprons. And there was hardly any swearing involved. Hardly any lighting either. It will be featured in it’s own post at some point this week.

What’s random in your life today?

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