Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words on Wednesday


What was the oldest thing in my pantry? Just how old was it?

Make your guesses below & come by Friday to find out!


Tracy (aka Tracyfish) said...

Looks like a soup mix? I'll say exp may 2008. I just cleaned out my pantry last week and that was the oldest date I found so I'm going with that LOL!

SciFi Dad said...

Vegetable dip mix. 2003.

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

I have no idea what that is!

But I can tell you that I found a jar of spices in my pantry this past weekend from 2005. Sigh.

Amanda said...

Maybe 2005.

scrapchick said...

lol, Looks like some kind of dip mix. I'll go with 2006. Happy WW!