Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekly Winners – Duress Edition

Back in November I made the, apparently selfish, decision not to do a 365 Project this year.

I mean really. 3 years in a row is plenty.

But I failed to consider the thoughts & feelings of my favorite photographic subjects.

They were not pleased with my choice and for the last week have been badgering me non stop about it.

Every time I turn around I see this

C’mon take a picture


You have so many ways to take pictures


Maybe we can take a picture?


Dudes, that is a film camera. I haven’t bought film this century. Where did you find it?

And when I look up on my monitor I see this


“You will take a photo of us”


“No, you will take a photo of us”



So apparently I *will* still be taking photos this year.

Just not every day.

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Joanie Jenkins said...

My friend just told me about Project 52, where you take a picture a week. Maybe that would be a good weaner.

Cheri said...

Clones and Dinos can be pretty convincing... and demanding!

SciFi Dad said...

My son just got his first plastic dino, and I already have the Lego and classic figures, so I was all ready to carry the torch for you. Clearly I don't have to.

Tara R. said...

That is hilarious! Oh course dinos would use old-fashioned film cameras. That is the best snap!

tara wesely said...

you crack me up -- i love it.

Losingbrownies said...

Project 52 sounds a lot more managable!

Karin said...

I think every one of those toys lives in my house too! Great shots!

Mishelle Lane said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

I couldn't resist showing these to my husband. He LOVED the series. I'm expecting hints and suggestions from him for these!!

Great shots!!

Heather said...

omg. how precious is this! I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE the dinosaur one-- I laughed out loud a little! :)

Lotus Carroll said...

LMAO Ahhh, I just love it so much. :)

carrie in texas said...

Oh My goodness! that is hilarious.. I love them carrying the i phone the best!!! Too cool!

Ladynred said...

oh wow! what a fun pictures you have here!

Denise said...


I love your shots. Please keep taking them. Or I'll send my Mulder & Scully action figures to badger you as well!

Terrie said...

so funny! i love it. 52 sound much more reasonable to goal this year is to take a photo every day, but i'm not officially doing it, so i don't feel nearly as much pressure. but of course, when you have these guys around, how could you not?!