Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Spring Break began at 4pm Friday.

We celebrated by going to IHOP for dinner.

Kids eat dinner free all month at IHOP.

I don’t recall what we did on Saturday.

No, really. I have no recollection of Saturday at all. DH worked on the roof, I’m guessing, since he was working on it Sunday & Monday too.

The boys did… 

while I ….

I got nothing.

I’m fairly sure we didn’t all just sit around staring off into space but I’d be hard pressed to prove that from my own memory.

Oh wait! Dr Who was on that night!

So that’s something anyway.

Moving on to Sunday, aka Easter, DH did more work on the roof. The back soffits of the house were never entirely sealed properly (rolls eyes) & there has been a persistent drip appearing on a ceiling tile in the boys room for years. At first we thought it was the result of condensation on a pipe over the spot, but it turns out it was actual water coming in down the pipe (which is a vent). This was discovered when DH decided to rearrange the vent & move the water faucet location from the middle of the wall in the bottom of the atrium to the side of the wall at the top.


Other things discovered were dry rot on the plywood underlayment of the roof going  back about 2 feet and then there was this under the underlayment:


A butter tub of gravel that has been sitting undisturbed under the underlayment since 1978.

Yeah, I have no idea WTF that is about either. We’ve added it to the long long list of things we will ask the hippy stoners who built this house should we ever encounter them.


Along with why they stopped the metal flashing 2 feet from the end of the roof, thus allowing moisture to rot away the plywood & insulation in that part.

We had ham & cheese sandwiches for dinner because Wal Mart doesn’t sell lamb roast & nothing else was open when I realized I had forgotten to buy the lamb roast.

Somehow I convinced myself I had already purchased the lamb a few weeks ago & it was in the freezer. But it wasn’t.

Insomnia induced memory loss has been harsh this weekend.

But there is hope!

Tomorrow I finally, at long last, get to see a sleep specialist!!!

At least I hope there is hope.

They sent me a questionnaire to complete before the visit. It has lots of questions about your medical history & about a dozen sleep related question. You answered each one with a score of 0 to 4 & then added them up at the end. I scored low.

I feel like an failure as an insomniac. Like I am not sleepless *enough* to need help. I’m not that likely to doze during the day & that was the measure for the questions. Yeah sure sometimes I am really exhausted enough to find myself dozing while reading something at 3pm, but mostly it’s just a chronic tiredness, not enough to doze but too much to manage any sort of continuing alertness.  Which seems to be outside the scope of the questions.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Cheri Andrews said...

Best of luck with the sleep specialist Stacey - I really hope they can help! I only have occasional bouts of insomnia (like last night) but I know how badly it throws me when I do.

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Hope you get some help with sleeping! Not feeling like you're getting enough is so hard - I know! I just accept 4 hours is all my body will do at a time now. No fun. And woo hoo for Doctor Who being back - though not sure how I feel about him in America, since I love all things UK, like to see their scenery! lol

Heather Aynne said...

I feel your pain on the lack of sleep! Lately, I've come to rely on melatonin to help me sleep, but then I don't want to wake up and we wind up having a rushed, crabby morning. So, I can either just not sleep or I can sleep too much. I want a happy medium!!! Good luck to you!

Gail said...

Good luck with the sleep specialist Stacey. I'm beginning to think my body just likes being up at oddball hours (an unfortunately staying up). I'm trying something new I heard about on tv - tart cherry juice a couple of hours before bed. So far it seems to work some nights (at least gives me an hour or 2 extra but still not enough).

Alison said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Jennie Hart said...

That's a great post, I like the 'hippy stoners' comment, although clearly not what they did to your house! I hope you get some answers for the insomnia. Jen x

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

Good luck with the study - I hope you get the answers you need! Or that they give you strong enough drugs that you can sleep through your entire roof repair.