Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Havoc is over his  illness. This was confirmed at his doc appt on Friday. No suggestions were made as to what the illness might have been. Only that “it’s going around”.

We got a notice from school that some federal program or other has picked our little county for a study involving getting free sealers on the teeth of second graders (with select ones being monitored over time & will get new sealers & some other stuff if needed) & if we want this we just fill out this form & send it back. The letter was dated March 11. It was sent home March 30. I sent it back April 1 and the substitute teacher gave it back to Havoc saying she didn’t think she should have it.

So I am sending it back today & assuming that the deadline for acceptance was around March 20 & we’ll be rejected.

I hope not.

It’s $150 to get that kid’s teeth sealed at the dentist.

Mayhem has another cavity, which is also $150, so anything that saves  us a $150 dental payment is ok by me.

No rush to see the orthodontist either.

Thank god!

But in other news I will be needing a laparoscopy at some point for the endo and given how my insurance usually works I’m looking at about $500 for it by the time all the ‘allowable charges’, ‘in network’, ‘disallowed options’ etc are settled.

Then two years later I will be refunded $200 of it for overpayment.

Because nobody ever believes me when I tell them it’s double billing.

I am still in negotiations about the bewb squishing because I cannot pin my insurance down on how much I have to pay. Regular co pay? Specialist copay? Lab work copay? ER copay? One of those copays plus something between 20-40% of ‘allowable’ charges? It’s not open heart surgery where anything could happen so we can’t tell you up front the costs. It’s a standard mammogram. But they just tell me “Oh a co pay.”

And I certainly can’t recall what I paid 15 months ago.

In other news my car battery has gone back to dying regularly so I am back to looking like a kinky hooker in parking lots, standing around dangling jumper cables and asking guys if they can jump me.

Yes, I could go buy a new battery. But where is blog fodder in that?

Speaking of blog fodder, we are less than 3 weeks away from ACTUAL chickens.

Yes, 15 months after deciding we wanted to raise chickens we are about to make the move from theoretical chickens to actual chickens. 

The coop is nearly finished.

I don’t know how nearly, nor can I say with any certainly just how long the word ‘nearly’ has been applicable to the coop, but I think most of the winter would be accurate.

And just so you know, going from thinking of doing a thing to actually doing the thing in 15 months is a personal family record. Around here there is generally a 5 year wait between thinking of a thing and actually doing the thing.

Except for the garage, which is going on 11 years now with no end in sight.

So expect chicken posts in May.

Though probably not still in June given our track record of taking care of things out of our immediate line of sight.


SciFi Dad said...

Chickens? You have cats, right?

This should be fun!

Heather Aynne said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better. We have the "it's going around" bug here too. Poor Miss Mack spent half of spring break fighting it! I hope you'll still be accepted for the sealants, our school does stuff like that too and it ticks me off.

Real chickens??? Wow! I'm not even sure I could properly care for theoretical chickens!!!

Michelle said...

My kids have thier teeth sealed and they have yet to get any cavities (I am knocking on wood as I type this). Luckily my ex's insurance covers it 100%. I hope you get approved. Good luck with chickens.

Rinda1961 said...

I've wanted chickens for a long time, but have now settled for the dog. We need to get you a t-shirt that says "jump me".

LosingBrownies said...

When I was teaching we had that program too. It was great especially for the neighborhood I worked in. I hope you are able to get in the application before its too late!

scrapchick said...

Oh I hope you still get in the program - why wouldn't the substitute turn into Office I wonder. ARG. Cool - on the Chickens - can't wait to hear about life with them!