Monday, April 11, 2011

Not camping

That is how the weekend was spent by us all.

Granted, not camping is pretty much my default state 24/7/365 so it’s hardly worth mentioning that I continued to maintain the status quo right?

But there was supposed to be camping this weekend.

Originally the plan was for me to try out DH’s latest idea in camping accommodations, involving a twin mattress & a mini van. (it has potential)

But then a friend of mine invited me to her 40th birthday party which happened to be the same night as camping.

Anything short of a root canal trumps camping in my book.

And if I am in enough pain, so does a root canal.

So the males were still going to camp, just without me.

Then Saturday morning the weather was about 45 chilly & damp & the plans to sleep outside were again revised.

The males went up to the campsite, played around the river all day, had a cookout & then everyone drove 2 hours home where Mayhem slept in his own bed & Havoc badgered DH into sleeping in a tent in the yard.

It’s a tiny tent.

It sleeps Havoc & Mayhem.

DH not so much.

*I* had a fun evening drinking wine with the ladies & then sleeping in my own bed.

Sunday the weather was a very nice, though not really sunny, 70 degrees.

I spent most of it laying in bed with a sinus headache.

That would be a legitimate sinus headache, not a “sinus headache” brought on by the wine the night before. There wasn’t that much wine. I had to drive home & despite being over 40, two glasses of wine are insufficient to cause a “sinus headache”. I can still drink the bottle with no morning after effects.

So those 6 years of college were totally worth it.

Sunday our dog, Houndini (the escape artist that cannot be contained by any fencing, visible or invisible), brought home a little friend.


And I do mean little. Some sort of beagle/terrier mix we think.


Mayhem has named him “Dots”

Because “Spot” would be too easy and we are not exactly creative with pet names when the boys are involved – witness 5 grey cats named (in order of appearance) – Shadow (a part time cat now gone), Ghost ( PT seen rarely), Smoke (FT lives in the house), Ashes (FT could live in the house if he were so inclined) and Slate (PT recent addition). The last 4 (plus another FT one named Thor) all have the same mom, another PT cat named Tux (because she is black with a white chest…gods we are so creative!)

(We have 5 full time pets – one dog and 4 cats, we also currently have 3 part time cats, all related to the full time cats…freeloading relatives we call them. They show up at odd hours looking for a meal & a place to crash . They haven’t tried to borrow money or bum a ride somewhere yet but it’s only a matter of time)

The dog has a collar but no ID tags. We have no idea if he is just visiting for the day or if we have increased of collection of part time pets by 1. Only time will tell.


SciFi Dad said...

If you got yourself a goat (roof maintenance?) I believe your situation would officially qualify as a menagerie.

Jimjams said...

LOL great post - sounds like you drew the best straw this weekend (sinus headache excluded).

Melita Blake said...

Definitely think you got the better deal lol

Rinda1961 said...

Dots is adorable! Hope you find his owner.

Cari Wegner said...

I hear ya, HATE camping. I love the outdoors, but the sleeping accomodations allow anything but sleep. Besides, I'm fond of running water as well.

Alison said...

I'm there with the camping..a no go area with me! Hope you find Dots' owner!
Alison xx

Traci Reed said...

ewww camping, glad you got out of it!

Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

OMG, he's so cute! He must be your reward for not going camping. Only good things can come from not going camping.

Maureen Hughes said...

I just wanted to let you know I gave you the Versatile blog award...please stop by and check it out....
Thanks and have a great day!
Maureen :)

Lizziemade said...

This post made me laugh so much (except at your headache - poor you!). Glad everyone sorted out what they wanted to do in the end - and that you had a great evening out.

The little dog looks cute. I wonder if his owner will turn up. Of course, Houdini may just take him home again one day soon...

Laura Greene said...

I am so with you with the not camping thing. I live in Idaho, where camping seems to be a go to plan for the entire summer. Granted we have gorgeous wilderness, but wilderness involves bugs, bears, cold, dirt, pooping outdoors, smelling like campfire and B.O, and having nothing to do but stare at trees all day or swim in the river and possibly get giardia. None of those things sound fun to me. However, anytime anyone brings up camping, and I repsond in the negative, they look at me like I sprouted two more heads. *sigh*

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Hilarious post! Glad you spent the evening with the wine and girlfriends, or girlfriends and wine that is. Camping in an RV with shower and toilet accommodations on board (and queen bed) is fine. Tent???? No!! Love darling Dots and your comments about the cats.