Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An active day

We started the morning off at 9am with what Mayhem calls a 'bike walk', where the kids ride their bikes and the adults walk along at some distance behind them.  My folks' community has all these walking/biking paths all over place, connected by humpback bridges. Havoc and cousin Mischief, rode their bikes, while Mayhem had his 3 wheeler and DH and went along. They can go fairly fast on the straightaways but they can't bike up or down the bridges so we can catch up with them at those points.  Mayhem discovered the thrill of a lifetime - riding his bike down the bridge. He lifts his feet and shout "Wooooo!" and flies down that hill. He keeps control of it the whole way & then does some gentle swerves to slow down. Impressive for a 3 year old going really really fast.  We went about a mile all told. Then we came home & everyone went in the pool.  Havoc stayed in the pool for about 2 hours or more.  Mayhem & Mischief were in and out. After lunch they were off for another bike walk, then back in the pool, then back on bikes (this time in the circle in front of the house, my folks live at the end of a cul de sac), then back in the pool until dinner. Their other lcousin, Giggles, is too little to bike so she only was in the pool.

Now they are all making sugar cookies with Aunty, while DH makes chocolate chip cookies. We will have cookies out the wazoo when they are all done.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach in the morning & then more biking and swimming

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