Saturday, November 10, 2007

We've borrowed a Wii

A couple of DH's co-workers own Wiis.  They have an office 'Wii night' every few weeks. They hook it up to the overhead projector in the conference room and play it on a 6 foot screen.  The boxing game in the favorite. DH comes home exhausted after 2 hours of having his butt kicked.  One of them offered to lend DH his Wii so the boys and I could try it out.  He has had it for about a year. It doesn't get much use apparently. It was popular in the house for about a month, with every day play, then dropped to a couple of times a week and now is only a couple time a month if that. Apparently there are not that many games and they have a sort of sameness.  No first person shooter or World of Warcraft type games, which are the games they play the most. I'm sure all that stuff will be available by the time we can afford and find a Wii (probably a used 2 versions out Wii2.0 at the rate we are going, maybe as a high school grad present).  Meantime, we're enjoying borrowing it.  I like the bowling game. I'm as bad on Wii as I am in real life so I'd say the play is very realistic. I think I hurt my arm tossing the ball.  Havoc likes the tennis and cow rider game. Mayhem isn't really able to play anything but he has fun watching the graphics & making things happen.

While we are enjoying it, I think even if we could afford & find a Wii I wouldn't buy one. I'm fairly sure the same thing that happened with DH's co-worker would happen with us. We'd get 4-6 weeks of frequent use and then have a very expensive dust collector.  I wonder if any of his co-workers would let us borrow their XBOX 360?

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Be Inspired Always said...

I want to get a Wii for my boys this Christmas. It looks pretty fun. I'm just not sure how the games are?

I wish I could borrow one for a few nights just to see if it's worth the money!