Sunday, November 11, 2007

How are my children still healthy

let alone alive?

I don't wipe every surface in my house down with Clorox.  I've never, not once, sanitized their toys.  We've had other children over to play and I've never even sprayed Lysol around the play area when they left.  There isn't a single bottle of Purell in the house.  Why hasn't CPS arrived yet?

The only thing, and I mean seriously, the ONLY THING, being marketed to me on TV currently is cleaning supplies.  No one is trying to sell me a mini van, (going by the soundtracks they are aiming toward moms 10 years younger than me) or investment advice (geared toward women with kids about to go to college), or even a burger.  Possibly they are trying to sell me Nutrisystem but that commercial featuring the woman who went from a size 8 to a size 2 just pisses me off (I've forced my body into unhealthy weight loss and so can you!), so it doesn't count.

Which leaves Clorox, and Lysol and the billions upon billions of germs that I am wantonly and neglectfully exposing my children to everyday through my thoughtlessly lax cleaning habits.  And Taco Bell who just now ran an ad with "I Melt for You" playing. I may just have to go buy something from Taco Bell in appreciation of their not attempting to frighten me with scare tactics.  And I don't even really like Taco Bell

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Michelle said...

I happen to hate bleach myself. It's some pretty toxic stuff. Besides, handwashing does more for keeping your kids healthy than sanitizing everything they touch anyway.

And that Lysol stuff is pretty bad too, I think. You'll just give 'em asthma if they have to breathe in that junk.

I find it funny that the moms who go nuts with the antibacterials (which are a huge mistake) are the ones who don't know how to wash their hands properly in the first place. They also don't know to put down the toilet lid when they flush, so the toothbrushes sitting out on the bathroom counters get sprayed with fecal germs.

The common sense moms always have the healthiest kids.