Sunday, November 18, 2007

Friday & Saturday


9:15am - left with much wailing & whining & general grumpiness. This mental state would continue through the next 32 hours.

9:30am - stopped to mail a package, took 5 mintues

10:10am - realized plan to get oil change in C-ville was a forlorn hope. Why is everyone in C-ville getting their oil changed at 10am on a Friday morning? There was line of people waiting at Jiffy Lube.

11:45ish - got lost on a by pass & ended up 14 miles out of our way before realizing. According to the ladies at the Gas & Go, this is a common occurrence.

12:30pm - stop at McD's somewhere near the the North Carolina border.

1:30pm - cross into North Carolina

heavy traffic on I77. Mayhem naps for 2 hours.

3:45pm - stop at a Love's rest stop for juice, water, chips & a race around the area for the boys.  We may have been in South Carolina at this point but I can't be sure. South Carolina did not announce itself the way North Carolina and Georgia do.  We just suddenly realized at one point we were outside of Columbia and therefor must be in South Carolina

5:50pm - stop at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. This was a very nice, quiet & understated Ruby Tuesday's, with low lighting & subdued coloring and soft chairs.  The one at home is bright & garish & full of sport memorabilia, though I hear they are redecorating & most of the sports stuff has gone to Glory Days.  I had a very good turkey & avocado burger, which is my favorite thing to order there.

6:50pm- back on the road

10:30pm - stop at a Holiday Inn near the Jacksonville airport.

Midnight - Mayhem still awake, Havoc tossing  & turning

5am - Mayhem restless.  I'd slept in small bits.

6:30am - both boys up.  DH & I lay in bed trying to sleep until 7am & then give up.

7:30am - breakfast at Waffle House, DH's favorite part of the journey.

8:30am - on I295

9:15am - on Rt301, stopped at the TA plaza for a half an hour trying to fix Havoc's glasses (we'd had them less than 36 hours & the were already bent beyond belief & one of the lenses fallen out). The a/c issue is becoming more noticeable. It is quite warm in the car.

11:10am - break at a rest stop on I75. 

1:15pm - gave up search for diner or Denny's and stopped at Applebee's. It was right next to a Tuffy's so we dropped the car off for an oil change while we ate. Mayhem so cranky & overtired the people in the booth behind us ask to be moved. I personally am so tired & worn I cannot summon the energy to be embarrassed by this but dearly wish to move with them. Learn that my car a/c has no freon & must have a leak because it was just refilled 2 months ago & something is going on with the steering column.  My car is due for inspection next month & will need new tires to pass. Guess what I am getting for Christmas?

3:00pm - back on the road, grumpier than ever knowing not only will I be spending an enormous sum in labor to fix the a/c, plus parts, but I will also be in Florida for a week with no a/c in my car.

5:30pm - arrive at Mom & Dad's

5:40pm - boys in the swimming pool.


Friday the boys watched Cars, Peter Pan, a Mickey Mouse video, Madagascar & a different Mickey Mouse video. Saturday they paid vague attention to Jungle Book, Ice Age and a collection of Backyardigan's episodes.

DH & I listened to the end of Five Little Pigs and all of A Bone of Contention, which turned out to be twice as long as I thought it was.

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