Friday, February 01, 2008

My goal - Eating better this year

Which is setting the bar a bit high actually, given eating dinner at all is an uphill battle with boys. But what the hell, why not shoot for the moon?

My sons get most of their daily fruit & veg intake from vFrusion juice right now. Oh they eat bananas, grapes, apples & raisins at random points throughout the week, but not regularly. 75% of the meals I make involve spinach in some way because that is the only vegetable they will willing eat.

I spent last year offering more fruits & veggies to them and limiting their other options but I've seen no real change in their eating habits. I've come the reluctant conclusion that I may be the problem. I'm not a fan of veggies, can't stand most of them actually, but I do try to serve a variety & make a point of not letting my dislike show. I'm not a big fruit eater either, though I actually like most fruit. It's just that given a choice between snacking on an apple and snacking on pretzels (or not snacking at all), I'll rarely choose the apple. I am not modeling appropriate behavior. Why would the boys want to snack on carrots if they don't regularly see someone doing so? The key being *regularly*. I'll have carrots & hummas for lunch occasionally but I'm far more likely to make a PB&J sandwich or heat up leftovers (and not the leftover veggies).

So this year the goal is mostly about me. I am going to be seen to eat fruits & veggies on a daily basis. I am going to do more than nuke a bag of frozen peas as a side dish. I am going to put as much effort into the damn veggies as I do to the main dish at least twice a week.

This resolution was prompted by this week's Blog Blast a Parent Bloggers. I'm hoping to win a gift certificate to Kroger's to buy some veggies.

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Daisy said...

They eat spinach? Good for you -- and for them! One of my favorites with spinach is Italian Wedding Soup. Yum.