Friday, February 08, 2008

Photos & more

Today I received the 2004 photos I ordered and the 8x8 prints of my layouts that I ordered. Why can't Wal Mart print photos in order? My prints were divided into 3 envelopes & appear to be loosely alphabetical, ignoring those numbers I put in the front of the titles. So 03mar004 comes after 07jul008 and then at random I'll find a photo from December in the middle of the ones from June.  So I will have to go through all 223 of them and sort them out by month before I can start putting them in the album.

We bought a Wii a couple days ago. I happened to be in Target when they had 5 in stock so I grabbed one. Havoc has been very into it. We rented a couple Cars games from the video store & he's been playing them. He doesn't fully understand the story games, where you have to find things & solve puzzles, but he loves racing in the arcade. I found the cheat codes online to activate the whole arcade. He's never going to complete the main game to unlock all the races & the races are all he is interested in right now. Mayhem is interested in the Wii but not so much. He can't use the controller fully, anything involving the B button is confusing to him so he gets frustrated fairly quickly with some games. He likes some of the games on WiiPlay, but he can't stay focused on them. All his interest is concentrated on his Thomas trains. It has been since before Xmas. Mayhem is all Thomas, all the time.

I've been playing Wii Sports myself. So I have not been crocheting. Tuesday night I did a status check. I had 39 single rounds, 17 double rounds , 2 triple rounds and 8 completed squares. We have a couple Torchwood episodes on DVR to catch up on and Ocean's Thirteen from Netflix as well. I'm hoping to get some crocheting done while watching them this weekend.

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