Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, Wii got one

I know I said a few months ago that we would pass on the Wii. But we changed our minds after borrowing it again. We checked out games in Blockbuster & last month we decided that if we could find one & we had any money left from our tax refund, we would get one. I signed up for Wii alerts.

Last week we got a letter in the mail asking if we wanted this particular company to reissue $242 in checks that we had not cashed back in 2003. Of course we want the checks reissued!

Yesterday I was at Target. I got a text from wii alerts. It doesn't tell you where the wiis are, it tells you to check their site. I'm over half an hour from my computer & have never figured out how to web surf from my phone. On a whim I wander over to the electronics section and lo and behold - there are 5 Wiis there.  We just got an unexpected $242. I got a Wii alert that prompted me to check out Target's wii status (Which I would never have done, I was there for a photo album). Target had Wiis in stock. They were $249

Obviously the universe wanted me to buy a Wii.  And who am I to deny the universe what it wants? I called DH, he agreed, I found a clerk & 5 minutes later I was in the car with my Wii, headed toward Blockbuster. I rented Mater national.

I had planned to say nothing to the boys & wait until Dh came home to set up the Wii. The TV and it's stand are a bit heavy for me. Plus with 2 adults, one can install the Wii while the other protects his back from small children.  I'd forgotten that Havoc can read small words "What is that W-I-I say?" he asked as soon as he got in the car. I told him it was the Wii games and he was so excited "And we get to keep it!!!" he shouted. Mayhem didn't say much then. I took it into the living room & said we'd hook it up when Daddy got home. They were both ok with that for about an hour. Then Mayhem took things into his own hands & began unpacking the boxes. "Want to play tanks now." he told me "Here the cable. Here we-mote." So I ended up straining a shoulder moving the TV around but I got the thing hooked up. I made them sit & create their Miis & then we played. Havoc spent almost and hour with the Mater National, playing some game that seemed to involve endlessly driving around Radiator Springs with no apparent goal. Mayhem did a little racing but he's not really able to work both controls at once.  After dinner we all bowled.

This morning I did the update and synced the remotes and did all the little tedious set up things that small boys had no patience for yesterday. I'm going to have to see about joining a game place.

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