Monday, February 25, 2008

Unexpected benefit of the Wii

Last year, when Havoc started K3, I bribed him to go the first few weeks. I said if he went to school all 3 days without fussing or crying we'd go to McD's on the last day. It became a habit. Every Thursday, we went to McD's. It continued into this year, though I was able some weeks to 'forget' to go. I'm not terribly concerned that their health will be ruined by eating 4 mcnuggets and some apples once a week & the $9ish it was costing me (with cookies for dessert, more if I get something too) was not the end of the world financially either.  I just wasn't happy that it was now expected.  I wasn't so unhappy i was just going to cut it off & endure the wailing & gnashing of teeth that would ensue.  But I did want to go back to being a reward, not a right. I'd been reinforcing that in January with much wailing & gnashing of teeth (often my own).

Then we got the Wii.  There is a video rental place just up from the McD's. You can rent a Wii game for 5 days for $6.99. You can also buy prepaid cards at a discount - $25 credit for $20, $40 for $32, etc. They don't have the largest selection of games; Blockbuster they ain't, but enough to keep the boys happy. They are more interested in racing games & Mario type things & there is a decent amount of those. If you are looking for any hot new games, you won't find them here.  By buying a $40 card can rent for 5 weeks and I save at least $13 over going to McD's, plus have enough left over to almost cover a 6th game or to rent one kiddie movie for Mayhem each of the 5 weeks as well. And the boys aren't eating McD's, which means I am not either. Not a bad deal. We get to try out a variety of games without dropping $25-50 a game. 

But I'm going to have to make the effort & go well out of my way to Blockbuster & rent Lego Star Wars. The video place doesn't have it, though they will be getting Lego Indiana Jones.

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