Sunday, February 03, 2008

Photo of the day week 5

Jan 28 - and these are not all the Lightening McQueens we own


Jan 29 - Disney must have heard we were giving all our money to HiT Entertainment, so they have come up with these much smaller Cars we now must own

Jan 30 - we gave the boys a Playstation for Xmas. The original Playstation-from 1998

Jan 31 - we found the steering wheel control for Grand Tourismo.

Feb 1 - Nearly every toy we own is in this photo. Apparently it was a birthday party for all the trains. The other toys were the food and gifts. The blankets were for the sleep over they were having after the party

Feb 2 - the Island of Sodor - today

Feb 3 - the Island of Sodor - today. I spend a lot of time coming up with track configurations

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