Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm asking you to ask

I've got nothing for a post. Nothing but a rant about how I don't want to get a dog, but repeated attempts to make it sound less vehement & hostile have failed so I am not sharing it. I'm not hostile about not wanting a dog, I just don't want one, but I can't seem to get that across in writing without sounding like some malevolent dog hater. I like dogs. I just don't want one.

So instead I've decided to make this an "ask Stacey" post. Specifically it's an 'ask a witch' post. Go on, ask me anything about wicca or witchcraft you want. It's close to Halloween, all sorts of things are out there in the bloggy world both pro and con about modern day witchcraft. I'm sure some of you have read stuff that have made you think "I wish I knew an actual witch to ask about that." Here is your chance.  Ask me anything witchy related and sometime next week I'll post an answer.

It can be anything - How did you get into the Goddess thing? Are you all naked & having sex with each other?  Can you cast a love spell for me?  I heard you worship trees. Is that true?  How about the Devil? Do you really have a black cat?  Can you fly on a broomstick, have a pointy hat, a wart?  Do you weigh more than a duck? What's with witches and newts anyway?

And if no one has any questions then I'll probably just do a random post about Samhain, what it means to me and how I celebrate it when there are no organic newts available locally.:)

Disclaimer - the thing about witches and pagans in general is, we have no central tenants of faith or authority. I do belong to a coven but what my coven does & believes may be rather different from another coven. And what I personally believe & do is occasionally different from the members of my coven. So the answers you are getting are my take, not the Official Wiccan Line, because there is no such thing.


LuAnn said...

I have to agree with you - I like dogs. I just don't want one either!!

Colleen said...

Nothing wrong with not wanting a dog, and I'm a dog lover :P

No questions either, sorry!

Lena said...

Okay I'll play.

What is THE misconception that bothers you the most?

(my xmil and xfil are Wiccan so I don't really have a lot of questions)...but what is the organic newt for, come to think of it?

Jenni Jiggety said...

Interesting! I wish I had some good questions for you! Is your husband Wiccan, too?

Maritzia said...

Ohhhh....another pagan blogger. You are *so* added to my RSS feed.

HeatherK said...

We're UU in our house, so I flit amongst the pagans now and again, but am rather clueless.

Is there a 101 things your Pagan friend wishes you knew kinda resource? ;-)

Any simple pagan-inspired rituals for a UU household?

Eve said...

I like dogs, but don't really want one either. My kids are dieing to get one though!! I have been looking for a coven to join around Copenhagen for a LONG time, have yet to find one though. :( Wiccan falls closest to my somewhat confusing belief system! lol

Woman in Training said...
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Woman in Training said...

I actually bought a Wicca for Dummies book a while back so I know a little bit about it.

The only part that truly freaked me out is how some covens go skyclad. There is good naked and bad naked and yes I know we're all beautiful but...not to mention if somebody farts.

I love dogs, but they are a BIG hassle. You have to be prepared to, basically, raise another child.

Alex Elliot said...

I'm a UU and there are quite a few Wicca in our church and we have a couple family members who are Wicca as well. Here's my question: were you raised as a Wicca or did you become one as an adult? What's the worst question you've been asked?

Connie said...

So you mentioned a Goddess, is that who you worship? Or do you worship anyone? I'm clueless!