Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And I didn’t even realize it

I’d set a goal for myself this year of reading 100 new books.

I had the same goal last year and missed it by 2.

Well, not this year.

I finished my 100th book, Buried Bones by Carolyn Haines, on my Kindle, on Sept 21.

I didn’t even notice it was my 100th new book when I entered into my Library Thing database.  It wasn’t until yesterday, when I finished Scandal on Rincon Hill & entered it that I checked to see where I was on the challenge and discovered I was at 103 new books read this year.

That total does not include new audiobooks, but there was only one of those. I have a tendency to listen to books I have already read because the time between listens can be anywhere from 2 hours to 2 months & if I really get into a new audiobook I’m highly likely to check it out of the library and just read the thing rather than sit through having it read to me.

I’m impatient that way.

And Iike being able to flip back & check things.

And yes, sometimes flip ahead to check things.

You can follow the link above to see what I have been reading but I’ll tell you now it’s not great literature. No classics or anything that would be required for a lit class. Nothing heavy or meaningful or recommended by Oprah.

Over half the 100 books could be classified ‘fluffy chick lit mysteries’. I had a lot of fun with them this summer.

There is also a lot of historic fiction, mostly set in Tudor times, some historic mysteries of various periods, some memoirs and random other fiction & non.

Some data, just because I luvz me some data:

I own 34 of those books

11 were purchased after I read them in the library & enjoyed them so much I had to buy them

9 of them are Kindle editions

That leaves 69 books from the library.

However, I have checked 147 out of the library to date (I let my library keep a record of my loans, mostly for my own benefit. Homeland Security is free to read the list if they want. Obviously if cozy mystery readers are declared a threat to the nation I’ll be first against the wall and have no one  to blame but myself). Even allowing for the 10 books currently on my nightstand, 3 of which have been read, that means I fail to finish half the books I check out (life is too short to spend it reading things you don’t enjoy).

I have not kept a list of books I have reread this year, though off the top of my head I can think of almost 40.

And I still have 3 more months to go!

Perhaps I should work on the library checked out to actually read ratio the rest of the year?


Mommying On The Fly said...

oooohhhhh how I miss reading... lol.. My friends and family laugh at me because since becoming a mom, it's not the partying, going to the movies, socializing, etc.. that I miss... It's the simple things like reading.. bwahahahaha and I LOVE that Library Thing site.. lol.. Congrats on hitting 100 BTW...

Andrea Chamberlain said...

omg - seriously? I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read but I don't think I've even read five full books this year! You know, every day a Kindle is just looking more and more appealing.

Carrie said...

That's great! I'm so behind in reading - you are great inspiration!

Carolyn Haines said...

Stacey, you are a reader! That's such a wonderful thing. And I'm honored that my book was your 100th. Thank you.

Sugar Mama said...

I make a list every January of books I want to read for that year... but usually only 30 or so on my list. 100! Wow! That's impressive. And I'm still back and forth about an e-reader. I think I would miss flipping the pages and the smell of the book.

humel said...

Yay, congratulations! :-) And I love stats too.... xx