Saturday, September 11, 2010

and lessons relearned

I know better. I know I know better because I did this post about it only a month ago.


In my defense, it was my favorite sushi place* and they have NEVER, ever, in 4 years, made a mistake on my order, even when the person on the phone spoke as little English as I speak Japanese (I can count to 5 and say hello, which does not qualify me for a job in Japan taking calls at a hamburger place, but Miko was wonderful on the phone despite it).

And this time? It was a native English speaker. I ordered a Spicy Girl roll and got a Spicy Tuna roll.

Sure, not as heinous as giving me a green pepper and pineapple pizza when I ordered pepperoni & chicken, and that order was taken by a computer! (I at least like spicy tuna rolls & did not have to make a 45 minute round trip to exchange food) but still.

Not what I ordered.

Spicy girl rolls have 3 kinds of fish and are wrapped in soybean sheets. Spicy tuna rolls have just tuna and are wrapped in nori.  I was looking forward to that roll.

I never pull away from a fast food drive up window without going through the bags & making sure everything, even the condiments, I ordered is in there. Fast food is busy, the wrong things get grabbed & stuffed into bags. The wrong bags get grabbed. Been there, worked that, made that mistake myself more than once.  But I am a bit slack about take out from sit down restaurants. They do less of it so they seem to take more time about it & often go through the order with me when I pick it up if it is more than 2 things.

I guess such a long string of good luck is bound to get broken sooner or later & I need to remember to check everything everywhere because mistakes happen.

*disclaimer – this sounds like I have just so many sushi places to choose from but really there’s two in a 35 mile radius, which, granted, is a hell of a lot of sushi for the middle of nowhere. They are owned by the same family, who also own a place in the city an hour away, where we used to go frequently back before we had to haul babies around with us everyplace we went. The coming of the first sushi place 4 years ago was akin to the arrival of civilization in the wilderness. Gosh, we wondered, what next? a bookstore? But no…4 years later, still no bookstore.


Rinda1961 said...

Ummmm . . . sushi.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sushi is one of the few foods that I just cannot stomach! But I can still relate to your pain in getting the wrong roll!

Mel said...

We have no sushi place within easy reach.... (Though maybe my definition of 'within easy reach' doesn't match yours!) Glad you at least got to eat this mistake xx

Joanie said...

Barnes and Noble is Warrenton! We have a bookstore!