Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There is precious little that I have said “I will never…” about

Not even when I was militantly childfree.

I have plenty of friends who said things like:

I will never allow my kids to watch tv

I will never allow my kids to be disruptive in restuarants

I will never make my kids buttered noodles when the rest of us are eating ratatouille.

My kids will never be rude little screaming demons in stores

My child will never wear a leash

My kids will never waste hours of their lives playing video games.

It’s just as well I never said any of it because apart from the butter noodles thing my kids have done all of it.

And they only haven’t done the buttered noodle thing because I have never made ratatouille.

Among the very few things I have stated I will never do are:

Host a sleepover

Have a kiddy party at Chuck E Cheese

Host one of those in home parties, like Pampered Chef or PartyLite.


I just printed out the invitations for the backyard camping party Havoc wants to have for his birthday in 2 weeks,

A month after that? I’m hosting a Tupperware party.

Thank you GOD the Chuck E Cheese is more than an hour away.


Johnjenkinjoanie said...

I said I would never homeschool! LOL

Rinda1961 said...

Too funny. I managed to avoid going to chuck e cheese's for a long time, but I never held a party there at least. Hate that place!

Mommying On The Fly said...


I have said quite a few of those my kids will nevers.. but they were really easy to say BEFORE you have kids... When you are living the unrealistic life and think you KNOW what parenting will be all about.. lol.. But can honestly say... my gremlins have done most if not more of those... hehehehehe..

And I am darn proud of it.. lol.. Have fun @ Chuck E Cheese and your full blown camping party.... and Good Luck on the TupperWare Party... hehehe

SciFi Dad said...

I've never said "never" per se, but I have said I cannot imagine certain things, like the leash thing, but not "never".

Andrea Chamberlain said...

I rarely use the word "never" as well but, like you, I used it when it came to Chuck E Cheese myself, except I think I referred to the place as a "plague upon humanity manifested in a germ-infested ball pit."

Carrie said...

lol, I'm sure I have some too - fun post!

humel said...

Chuck E Cheese sounds GRIM!!