Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Helping out

Yesterday I was helping out in Havoc’s class.

The project?

Paper Mache Earths. 

Yep, slapping flour & water paste dripping strips of newspapers onto large balloons.

And for some reason I thought I should PUT ON my wedding ring before going to the school.

That’d be the open weave ring, with all the nooks & crannies that I have had off most of the summer because I got sick of cleaning dirt & sunscreen out of the nooks & crannies.

Most of  my conversation with the children involved these phrases:

You want to run your fingers down the strip to get off the excess paste

Yes I am Havoc’s mom

Run them down like this, to get off the excess, so it doesn’t drip too much

Mmmhmm, I’m Havoc’s mom.

See, it’s sliding because there is too much paste on the paper, use your fingers to push off the extra before putting it on the balloon

Yes, Havoc is my son

Later in the week the kids will paint them blue & then glue continents to them. I will still be trying too get flour & water paste out of my hair.

And I have no pictures because I didn’t take any and while I did have a pang of ‘oh there should be photos’, mostly I felt ‘thank god I didn’t bring my D40 into this mess’.

Mayhem was happy because my being at school at the end of the day meant he got to be a pick up instead of riding the bus. Mayhem loves being a pick up even though apparently it makes him nervous.

He’s afraid I will forget to pick him up.


Once, in 6 years, I was late picking them up from something but not really because I was told 9pm and the thing finished up early at 8:45 & all the other kids’ parents were there early to take part in the farewell prayers but not being Baptist I skipped that bit & didn’t get there until 9, when all the other kids were long gone.

But I have never actually forgotten them.  And anyway, that was 2 months ago & apparently he’s been worried about since preschool 2 years ago.

In other news, you may remember me admitting my geographical ignorance about just where Connecticut is located & how I needed to know because DH might have to go there.

Well, he left yesterday afternoon after being told a couple hours earlier that he needed to go. Prior to that, for the last three weeks anyway, there was no mention of him being part of the Connecticut business. He’ll be back Friday – probably.

The job has to be done by Thursday…unless it doesn’t.

And we all know how that goes.

In other randomness, from the back seat of the car yesterday I hear Mayhem say:

You know, when I was in pwreschool I didn’t know what 2 plus 2 was.

Serwiouswly. I. did. not. know. Can you believe that?


Rinda1961 said...

Ahhh . . . was just scraping gesso off my diamond the other day.

jamie hurst deluna said...

This post made me laugh so hard! Love it and thanks for sharing!!

Andrea Chamberlain said...

Hey, are you Havoc's mom? (yes, know ... hahahah, it was funny the first dozen times someone posted that but at this point, it's annoying, right?)

Anyway, I have learned never to volunteer when paper mache is involved. Cannot.stand.the.stuff.

Mel said...

I've been teaching at my kids' school for over 5 years now and one of the kids who has been there the whole of that time STILL has to check if I'm The Girl's Mum. And then calls me Mrs The Girl's Mum instead of Mrs My-Actual-Name. It was cute when he was 4, but he's now 8. *sigh*...

Sorry about the paste. But I totally leave messy activities like that till I have parents in to help (or better yet, do with small groups outside the classroom so I don't need to go near it).

Also sorry to hear about Connecticut xx

Carrie said...

lol, funny post.

SciFi Dad said...

So, you're Havoc's mom, and Havoc is your son? Really?