Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Explaining gender differences

Don’t worry, this isn’t a heavy or meaningful post.

This weekend the demons and I went to Target so Havoc could blow spent his allowance on stupid Pokemon cards. (They are allowed to spend their money as they please. I am allowed to have my opinions on it).

Mayhem wanted a Pokemon t-shirt so we went over to the boys section where they have a large display of ‘licensed tees’. You know, Star Wars, Lego Batman, Bakugan, Ben 10, Mario Brothers, etc. Havoc & Mayhem between them own nearly all the Star Wars & Lego themed shirts on display (because Target frequently has them on sale for $5) but Mayhem did find a couple new Batman ones he did not have but that kids in his class had.

I said ‘If you all were girls you would call one another up and organize a day where you all wore them to school together.” (Showing my age here because probably girls today text, actually speaking to one another is so old fashioned)

Mayhem said “Why would we do that?”

Me: “To be coordinated”

Mayhem: “Why would we do that?”

Me: um..because that’s what you do

Havoc: “Is that what you did in school?”

Me: “ Mommy wore a uniform to school. But I know girls who did coordinate their clothes”

Havoc: “But why?”

Me: Oh look! Pokemon cards!

I don’t really know why girls want to coordinate their clothes. As I said I know girls that did but since I went to Catholic school for 12 years I never had the chance. (I’m also not sure what the big deal is with running into someone wearing the same outfit because for 12 years I was absolutely positive I would see anywhere from 10 to 65 females doing just that)

Phone conversation between Catholic school girls coordinating their outfits for tomorrow.

On a party line. Because we had those still when I started high school.

Girl 1: So.. maroon socks or grey tomorrow?

Girl 2: Maroon, definitely maroon

Girl 1: With a maroon sweater?

Girl 3: Too ‘matchy matchy’

Girl 2: Maroon socks & grey sweater?

Girl 3: Too ‘making an attempt not to be matchy matchy’.

Girl 1: Well, that eliminates grey socks & grey sweater

Girl 2: Too ‘escapees from a women’s prison’ with the white blouse & grey skirt

Girl 3: How about white sweaters with maroon socks?

Girls 1 & 2: Perfect!

During my years as a sorority girl in college I went along with occasional “what are we wearing tomorrow’ conversation because it seemed like the thing to do.

But I never really understood why.

Do you?


Carrie said...

lol, I have no idea why either, maybe it helps to know "someone" out there is like us during that age. I remember going to the mall w/ my BF and buying similar tops but in diff colors and then yes - wearing them on the same day. :)

Andrea Chamberlain said...

omg - how true. my sixteen year old is constantly involved in ten-way texting with her friends, deciding what to wear. My ten year old does the same thing through Yahoo chat.

Cindy Carlson said...

Nope, no clue. I also wore uniforms, but only through 7th grade, then I switched to public school. Also never understood the need to travel to the ladies room in a herd or call anyone on the phone, ever really. Clearly, not a joiner, though I am social, honest.

Sugar Mama said...

My daughter does this with her bestie, they think it's fun. So, I'm guessing that's the reasoning.... to feel "like" someone. It's fun, different, and it gets attention. When everything else at school is monotonous and blah, they know that there is at least one person at the school who has their back.... so they dress alike to show that. I've seen boys do it too. They usually coordinate with jerseys or wear baseball caps... not a full outfit.

Scrapdreams said...

Actually today young girls text each other to make sure they are NOT wearing the same thing to school! And no, I never understood why it mattered.