Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Meanderings

DH went camping this weekend.

This usually leads to Plans to Make Stacey Happy Sleeping in the Woods.

But Stacey has ISSUES with that whole Sleeping in the Woods thing.

And while not actually liking that I am so high maintenance about my sleeping arrangements, I generally cannot overcome my ISSUES, no matter the suggestions. (honest to God it drives me freaking nuts that I can’t just lay down in a tent and sleep like normal people can. It drives me freaking nuts that very often I can’t lay down in my own damn bed and sleep like normal people either)

But this time he had a gem of an idea involving the mini van and an old queen sized futon we own. It has possibilities worth exploring.

The man thinks he can get me actual internet signal as part of it.

More on that as the situation develops.

While he was camping, the boys and I visited with some friends up in WV as well. We spent the day hanging out there along with another friend & her kids. (These are the normal people who can sleep in tents). The boys had a blast, there was little fighting & only some minor rule breaking there at the end so it was a good visit over all. They crashed at bedtime & slept until 6:54am!

Speaking of sleeping… I haven’t been much lately. If life works out that I am undisturbed from about 4am to 9am, I could possibly get an incredible 5 solid hours of sleep in. But the boys wake up at 6:05 and I hear them come down the stairs, and I hear them get breakfast, and I hear them play, and I hear them argue from 6:05 until I get out of bed. So I haven’t been able to test the theory

I have an appointment with my doc today regarding the whole sleeping debacle that has been the past year of no prescription meds to see what is up next. Last time we discussed a sleep study, which my insurance was dubious about my needing then, but might go along with now.

Random thought. I love my Kindle. I love the samples best of all. If I have “nothing to read” (which is just like having “nothing to wear”) I browse Amazon for a little bit and download samples of everything that catches my eye. Suddenly I have an evening’s worth of reading matter & am not committed to a whole book. I delete the samples I don’t like & shuffle the ones I do to a folder & when I have some extra cash I buy a couple of those books. My own recommendations folder.

We made these to celebrate the Spring Equinox


We called them Spring Spiral cookies so they sound all witchy & ritual appropriate but most people call them Playdough Cookies or Rainbow cookies.

They are just colored sugar cookie dough.

I use my favorite sugar cookie recipe, which has cream cheese in it & the vibrant colors come from just a small bit of gel food color. I’m working on a post about them for later this week.

How was your weekend?


Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

Love those cookies - my daughter would be totally into making those! And I'm with you on the camping, although it has nothing to do with sleep issues. I just don't do well with nature. If camping came with a hotel room and room service, I'd be into it.

Rinda1961 said...

I had a busy weekend myself - grading papers, doing laundry and teaching an art journaling class. My kids love the daytime of camping but would always prefer to be home in bed (or a hotel) after the campfire is done. And, truthfully, I"m with them. . .

Carole said...

The only time I've slept in a tent was when we did one of those holidays where the (huge) tent is set up for you and contains proper beds, a fridge, cooker etc. It's even divided into rooms.
Proper camping where you sleep on the floor and the bugs get in? Not a chance. *shudders*

Comfy Mom said...

DH's plan involves turning the mini van into a mini hotel room. I suppose he'll have to provide the room service himself :)

Comfy Mom said...

Yeah, camping is awesome until it's time to go to bed.

Comfy Mom said...

yeah, I spend all night imagining bugs crawling on me

humel said...

Those are extremely colourful cookies! I thought they were actual Playdough at first...

I don't do camping. My sleep patterns aren't anything like as bad as yours though, you have my sympathy xx