Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Winners

It was beautiful this week

Time to make dino swamp again


Get everything arranged


The carnivores are delighted


The herbivores are pleased as well


And then later we made rainbow cookies (sugar cookie dough we colored in batches)


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Sarah said...

Oh those playdoh (as I call them) cookies look delicious!!! Makes me want to make some of them this week. Yummm...

Glad the dino's could get some swamp land again! This time of year is so great!!

Tara R. said...

Dino swamp! A better harbinger of spring than the robin.

Mishelle Lane said...

My boys would LOVE that dino swamp. Great idea!

Lizziemade said...

Your boys are sooo lucky that you let them make a dino swamp in the back yard! It's a great swamp too - wish I could come over to play!
I'm not so sure about the "rainbow cookies" - call me boring, but anything with that much colouring in ...hmm... They look good though and must have been fun to make!

Asouthernfairytale said...

love the play-doh cookies!

My kids would love to make a dinosaur swamp!!!

SarahCB1208 said...

Those sugar cookies look SO freaking COOL!!

LosingBrownies said...

Neat cookies! They look like play dough!

Lucy Montgomery said...

I can just imagine the mess LOL. Looks like fun!

Karen of 3G2S said...

Those cookies are too cool!

scrapchick said...

lol, Fun! Love the cookies!!!!

Denise said...

Dino swamp ROCKS

And those cookies... OMG FUN!!! Must try that sometime

stacy (the aunt with gum) said...

the possibilities for a mud puddle are endless!
and love the colors of the cookies - fun & dee-lish!