Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Words on Wednesday

From the bin of long forgotten projects.


Project started April  3, 2002

Photo taken April 30, 2006.

Progress made in nearly 5 years since then?



SciFi Dad said...


Creepy misshapen checkers board?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yeah ... that happens at my house too! That's why I leave the lids on those bins! Less guilt that way!

humel said...

I have a millennium sampler that I started before I got married (so pre-1997 then). I have hopes that maybe my descendants will finish it in time for the next millennium....

Carole said...

I've got one of those. Mine's a hedgehog and was started in 1998 and sort of faded away around 2001. It was the vile fractional stitches and the blended threads that did it. Pah!
Yours is pretty. Maybe it'll call to you one day.