Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words on Wednesday


Havoc has been sick. Wednesday last week he complained of a headache & vague muscle pain so we gave him some Tylenol.

Problem solved!

Temporarily anyway.

Thursday the school calls around 10:30a to report Havoc has a fever of 101.9 & a cough & needs to come home. DH was in the vicinity so he picked him up, which was good because I received neither of the two calls the school made to my phones nor the follow up call DH made informing me he was picking Havoc up.

Have I mentioned technology, especially telecommunications, hates me?

School policy is no one can come to school within 24 hours of having a fever & since they discovered the fever, they know he’s not supposed to be back Friday.

I would have totally sent him as he had no fever the rest of the day, nor that night, nor in the morning Friday.

Friday night he did spike an impressive 102.6 fever that the Tylenol totally took out.

Saturday he was fine. He was his high energy self. We went to the Air & Space Museum with no reports of headaches, no fever, no general ‘not feeling well grouchiness’. It appeared it had passed.

But Sat night he had another fever of 101.3. Tylenol took it out.

Sunday we were deliberately low energy. Lots of laying around reading & watching TV. No fever occurred at any point.

Monday we sent him off to school his usual cheerful self, with a slight complaint about his leg hurting but he’d slept on it funny so we discounted it.

Then at 10:30a comes the call again. 101.9 fever. 24 more hours at home.

This time he really did appear sick. Low energy, aches & pains, no appetite. None of which was present last week or over the weekend.

That photo was taken about 1pm Monday. He slept about 2 hours after coming home and fell asleep again around 5pm (much to Mayhem’s disappointment) and stayed asleep until bedtime.

Tuesday he was home with me. Much brighter & alert than Monday, still low appetite & lower energy  & a runny nose. He spent most of the day laying on the sofa watching Mythbusters & some series about the history of weapons on the History Channel. No fever.

He has a pre-scheduled doctor’s appointment on Friday for his annual well child check. I called the office to see what they suggested about having him come in and what with the randomness of the fever they said to hold off unless it becomes constant.

I’ve sent him off to school this morning as he seems normal.

Only time will tell if he stays there. 


Andrea @ The Creative Junkie said...

Our school as the same policy. They also have a policy that a kid can't go back to school within 48 hours of being diagnosed with strep, even if the pediatrician gives the OK after a full 24 hours with 3 doses of an antibiotic. I can't wait until the good weather hits and these stupid viruses just disappear already.

Wendy Bukowski said...

Ah bless, fingers crossed he's ok today and over it now.

Helena said...

love the quilt - did you make it?

Heather Aynne said...

I was going to have a pic very similar to this for WW today. Mine doesn't have a fever but she is so miserable with the cold that took over her body last night that she's spent much of the morning curled up on the couch. When social butterfly doesn't want to play, you know it's bad!

scrappysue said...

Sorry to hear your little lad has been sick, sounds like he will be glad to be over it. Fingers crossed! (beautiful quilt btw!)

Lois Achord Houston said...

We're having similar issues here - Big Girl has been "not feeling good" off/on for a week or more. I am convinced it's just a virus her body is fighting off. When she rests she feels great, gets busy again and then feels bad. I'm glad we're starting Spring Break on Friday and will have a week to let everyone have some down time.
Hope he feels better (really better) soon.

LosingBrownies said...

Poor Mayhem. Fevers are the worst especially when they are reoccuring like that. It stinks he's missed so much school too.

Beverly Edwards said...

Hope he is fully ovr the fevering and has a good day at school.

Rinda1961 said...

Oh. Poor guy. I hate these lingering types of low grade things.

Adrienne May said...

I hate that policy--- but i know it is there for good reason. I hate when the kids are sick too!

SciFi Dad said...

Yikes... hope he feels better soon. We fought with a so-called weak-willed fever (it comes then it quickly disappears with Tylenol) earlier this year; no fun not knowing.

Green Teresar said...

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humel said...

Oh no.... How is he now? xx

Comfy Mom said...

We have a 48 hour antibiotic policy, unless the doc says otherwise. Fortunately. The docs almost always give you that note with the prescription so it's a futile policy IMO

Comfy Mom said...

Yes I did, back in 2000, along with a few other matching ones for friends.

Comfy Mom said...

Exactly. I was dubious until he collapsed on the sofa & didn't move

Comfy Mom said...

He's much better now. Thanks!