Friday, July 28, 2006

advice to the younger me

Manage your money better!!!! Save more, spend less. You don't need 4 different versions of the same pair of shoes, 14 purses and 60+ tarot deck. You'll never use them all. Think harder about what you are buying & why you are buying it. She who dies with the most stuff does *NOT* win. Put that money in the bank, you'll need it down the road. Establish better spending habits now so the older you doesn't have to struggle so hard to overcome the entrenched bad ones.


loonyhiker said...

This was great advice and I think I will share this with my students when school starts!

Glynis said...

Really great advice...let's hope we all teach our children to spend better than we did!!

heather said...

Great advice for sure. I'm going to advise my kids to get into buying some property early, dh and I started too late (bet they won't listen though!!)