Saturday, July 29, 2006

internet again

I cannot upload files after 7pm-ish. This is a regular thing. DH says it is because someone on the same tower, with a higher error rate, is online doing something & it's distracting the signal box. Sorta like having several people say "Hey look at this! Hey look at this! Hey look at this!" all at once, over & over, only one of them keeps dropping the thing, so they have to pester even more, making it hard for the others to get the attention. And one of the others is clumsy as well, only not as clumsy. It's annoying on the one hand. On the other it's good to know *I* don't have the highest error rate. :) I'm sure my online presence in the afternoon is annoying the daylights out of someone else for the same reason. So I suppose it is just fair.

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