Tuesday, July 11, 2006

inside out?

Does your outside reflect your inside? For the most part, these days, I'd say yes. at least the outside parts I have control of. Wrinkles happen and while I feel younger than I look, I am not the type to put any real effort into wrinkle reducers. So my outsides do and don't reflect me at the same time. :)

I've stopped denying the less admirable parts of myself & am working with them instead. So they show up more outside than they used to. I have less problem sharing negative things than I used to. The desire to constantly please, to be liked by everyone, to avoid conflict, led me to agreeing to things I didn't want to do (like camping or organizing a party) and not do things I wanted to do (because they were not 'cool') I'm much better at saying no or going my own way these days.

I feel comfortable with myself inside most of the time, even with the uncomfortable parts, and I think I reflect that on the outside. Most of the time.

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Glynis said...

Growing older has it's advantages, like finally doing what you want to whether or not it's "cool".