Monday, December 15, 2008

I love UPS

No really. I do. United Parcel Service is my most favorite company in all the world.

I call the UPS truck The Big Brown Truck of Joy because it's arrival never ever disappoints me.

Has anyone every really been less than happy to see a UPS truck arrive at your driveway? Unlike USPS they don't deliver junk mail & bills. I don't approach a UPS truck wondering what crap they are about to hand me now. I don't ignore the box on my porch because I know it's just bills & spurious 'you have already been approved' offers to refi my house. Anything legal that I'd rather not deal with but must be done immediately (like say, forms for last minute home owner's insurance renewal) comes by FedEx.

UPS only brings me things I *want* or surprises me with things I didn't know I was going get. It's the same thrill as getting birthday gifts even. It's the same feeling when UPS arrives unexpectedly bearing boxes addressed to me I know nothing about for no particular reason. Even when I know what is in the box because I myself placed that order 2 days ago at


Perhaps I am just easily pleased but I'm always happy to see the UPS truck. When I pass it on my road I wonder if it might be stopping at my house. Unexpected deliveries make my day. When I am expecting things I am hard pressed not to turn around & follow it back home.

I've got my kids convinced that UPS drivers are Santa's elves in disguise, spreading joy & happiness by bringing people things they want & need.

UPS and I have had a relationship since we moved her in 1997. Back then, if it wasn't at Food Lion or WalMart, you had to order it online.  I kept Amazon in business from 1997-2003 & UPS right along with them. I see less of them these days, which makes their visit all the more special.

The last deliveries arrived today & I missed them. I was going to give the driver some cookies as a present.

Merry Christmas UPS and I hope to do business with you in the coming year


Tess said...

Yes! Thats true-the mail man can bring you bills but the UPS ALWAYS brings packages!

Lola said...

I don't know about your UPS man, but I've twice caught our UPS man vaulting off our front deck railing after placing our packages on the porch.

From now on I keep a keen ear out for the sound of the truck, so I don't miss this young man sprinting across our driveway, carefully placing our packages on our porch and vaulting over the front railing of our deck, onto the lawn and then running back to the truck.

Several times I have seen the truck in the neighborhood when I have been out running errands, and like you, I hesitate and wonder if I should double back and follow them back to my house.

Mandie said...

Good logic. I did have a surprise (and pleasant) package from Fed Ex today. I love the man or woman bearing the big boxes!

2TooManyHats said...

UPS makes it Christmas all year :)

Jodith said...

I love UPS (except for the guy that left my new computer at the back door of the house next door in the rain, but I'm pretty sure they fired him). It's always Christmas with UPS, especially when they bring me stuff from New Egg. I'm waiting with bated breath right now for my new earphones with built in microphone so I can record my German lessons.

Paula Constable said...

I've done a lot of shopping online this year and love to get my items delivered right to my front door. My kids like to watch the UPS guy from the front window. Boy, he is fast!

Last year my husband ordered a set of snow tires and still fast, but not as fast.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm itching to order all of the stuff I still need to get for el baby online. Because then I can have more stuff come in the mail! And I freeze my butt off much, much less! Win, Win!

Doré said...

I love seeing the UPS truck also. Especially since I have gotten involved with blogs. I see UPS and now have to take a guess at what they are delivering... I've been very lucky lately with giveaways... as well as products for review. It's Christmas at least twice a week here now...

Merry Christmas UPS! Hope to see you soon!