Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That period before things need to happen

I hate this part.

This sitting around waiting before you can do anything part. We leave in about 48 hours for Florida. There are a lot of things that need done, but none of them can really be done now.

I've talked to our house sitter & given her the keys, shown her how our entertainment system remote control works (it's one of those all in one jobs that you need a PhD to program). Changed the sheets on the guest bed, cleaned out the fridge & am doing laundry.

I still need to clean the house, pack the clothes, clean the car, pack the snacks, charge the electronics, pack the electronics, load the car, add the freon to the car a/c system, load up the DVD case with movies for the trip, and gate off and shut up all the rooms of the house I don't want the cats getting into while we are gone.

That's a lot of stuff to do, but none of it can be done today. Some of it can be done tomorrow and some will have to wait until right before we leave. I can't pack the clothes because we have no place to put a fully packed suitcase, except the middle of the living room, which would ensure it's unpacking as soon as the boys get home from school. Same with the rest of it. No point doing any of it because the boys will just undo it.

Thursday night I can pack the clothes & charge the electronics & load up the DVD case. Friday I can do the rest.

Which leaves me sitting here all antsy wanting to do things but knowing damn well there is no point in doing them because I'd just have to do them again.

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Jenni Jiggety said...

I know that feeling well! Hopefully the time will pass quickly for you!