Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not an end of year post

I'd like to do a year in retrospect type of post but I'm a bit deep into just recording December and what with my memory being what it is, I'd have to reread the whole year's worth of blog posts to be able to give any sort of honest and coherent account of the year and I'm not up for that. I have a blog because my memory for day to day stuff sucks.

Off the top of my head 2008 featured:

2 trips to Great Wolf Lodge

one trip to the National History Museum

one trip to Florida

Mayhem getting into pre-k despite being 6th on the wait list

Havoc going to kindergarten

one of the boys went to the ER I think....or was that last year?

Mayhem having his tonsils out

seeing DH's family for the first time in years

we got a Wii

a large amount of money was spent repairing my car

bunk beds and painting

lots of swimming

some impressive gas prices

That's all that is coming to me right now, besides random muffin memories.

One of the reasons I do Journal Your Christmas is because I'd like a record of events that slip my mind.  Here are some of my latest layouts & the cover to my Project 365 book.

Everything is from Sweet Shoppe except the 365 page which was done with things from CG Essentials








Tara @ Feels like home said...

Great work! I always love your layouts. :)

Aunt Becky said...

Your layouts are positively lovely! Happy New Year, dude!