Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More pages for the calendar

I finished the calendar today, uploaded it and ordered it from Cafe Press. I like their design better.

It's day 2 of Journal Your Christmas. It was a weather related prompt so I was out bright & early taking photos of the frost. I also spend about an hour taking pictures of the ornaments that don't fit on our tree, the paper, boxes and bags I use to wrap gifts and a stack of the gifts that I wrapped today. I guessing they will be a topic down the road & I will be out of town for 10 days at the end of the month so I'm taking tons of photos of things now in anticipation. If there is not wrapping related prompt I'll just add an additional page.

Now that I have started the project again this year I can see where I may end up with a few extra pages because of including the travel, the Solstice and photos I have taken of things that didn't end up as a prompt.

Here are the last calendar pages

I made these pages with Kim Hill's Storyboard set and her Companion Phrases sets, both available at Scrapbook-Elements. I also used a few kits by Eve Kipler, Zoe Pearn, Melissa Bennett & Kristin Cronin Barrow at Sweet Shoppe Designs







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