Sunday, December 07, 2008

Week 1 Journal Your Christmas

I'm a week into my prompts and I wanted to share my progress

Journal Your Christmas is a class taught by Shimelle Lane & it runs for 37 days, from Dec 1 to Jan 6. You create a scrapbook page a day based on the prompts she sends out and in the end you have a memory book of your Christmas.  I did this last year and loved it (the cost of the class includes free enrollment every year after that). The nice thing about this class is that while you get a prompt every day, there is no requirement to actually DO the prompt that day.  You can do it daily if you want, or if you just aren't feeling it that day, do a couple at once another day, or wait until the weekend to get caught up. I'm a few days behind at the moment, which I expected. I cannot scrap daily, but I do take 10 minutes every day to think about the prompt and how I want to scrap it. I have finished days 1-4 and I have photos & notes for days 5 and 7 and hope to get at least one of them done today but I currently do not know what I want to do for day 6, which is a comparison of 2 prior Christmases. 

These are my layouts so far. Everything is from Sweet Shoppe Designs, except the template for layout 1. It is by Kim Hill at Elemental Scraps.




If you like the idea but want less structure you might want to try Ali Edwards December Daily Album.  A bunch of us at Sweet Shoppe Designs are doing one or the other or combinations of both, come check it out if you want some inspiration & encouragement.


Becca said...

Beautiful layouts! I really need to do something like this too! I was thinking of doing the December Daily album but just can't get the supplies right now.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

Thanks for sharing, Stacey. This is a wonderful idea!

Lisa said...

Beautiful layouts! I've heard about the journaling class a couple of times now. I'll have to check it out next year!

Helene said...

Those are beautiful layouts!!! I bet your finished scrapbook is going to be beautiful!

Creative Junkie said...

I am LOVING how you are doing the dates on all of these! Really gives it a continuous feel.

Susanna said...

OK, I'm inspired by you. What a great idea, and I bet the prompts really help.

Doré said...

You are such a great scrapper. I especially love the date line on each page... very creative!