Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I went camping this weekend

Well, on Saturday we went to a friend’s son’s birthday party & together with another family we slept in tents in the friend’s yard.

Which is taking roughing it a bit too far if you ask me.

It was hot & sticky & the futon we slept on smelt like cat pee. (that would be because the kittens had peed on it a week or so ago & OdorBan was only removing the surface smell). Yes, I could have slept on a sofa in the friends house but they have no a/c and seem to have a similar cat problem to our own so really, there was no difference in overall situations

Had I foreseen how the night would progress I would have slept in the house anyway. But no. I chose the tent because my family was sleeping in the tent and would it kill me to do something fun with my family?

Edited highlights include overtired Mayhem wailing for a half hour that he was NOT HAPPY!! and at some point DH said something or other to him that REALLY HURT HIS FEELINGS!  ALL OF HIS FEELINGS!! . I was worn out and not feeling that good. I forgot my pillow & everyone else's’ pillows. I had muscle spasms hitting me every 5-10 minutes & kept  having to stretch. It was hot & sticky & chilly all at once. I never slept but did drowse a bit while thinking “I am soooooo blogging about this.” and composing posts in my head.

and then…

The heavens opened up and the rain poured down. The wind picked up blowing rain under the rain fly, the bottom of the tent flooded in places and the roof leaked. We ended up dragging wet bedding, soaking kids and a damp futon into the house. Mayhem slept through it all. It was 5:55am. At 6:10 he woke up for the day and Havoc joined him.

I don’t like camping. Never have. It is not an enjoyable time for me. I am not outdoorsy.  I can hang out in the woods all day, but I want a shower, clean sheets, a comfy mattress and air conditioning at the end of the day, with a kitchen full of food I like. In other words – I want to go home.  But every few years I feel I have to do it because my family enjoys it and because who knows, maybe this time I might like it.

We now have a fun family story about how the one time in 5 years Mom who hates camping finally did camp out there was a thunderstorm and the tent flooded guaranteeing it will be at least 5 years before she comes along again. So that is something anyway.

But yeah, 5 years at minimum before I sleep outside again


Too Many Hats said...

ROFLOL - I didn't realize you were in someone's backyard when you posted on Twitter. If that is what happens in a backyard, you may be wise to stay away from camping - would hate to hear you had been eaten by a bear or something.

Aunt Becky said...

My idea of roughing it is staying in a hotel that doesn't have room service.

Creative Junkie said...

You just described my very definition of Hell.

**sending you a medal through cyberspace**