Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer is over – phase 1

This came a bit sooner than I expected. I had thought the first day of school would be phase 1.

But I have been dealing with this for weeks and I am done


It rains, the pool turns green, I dump chemicals, the pool clears for 24 hours, it rains, the pool turns green, I dump chemicals, the pool clears for 24 hours – repeat for the last 5 weeks. I’ve shocked it, chlorinated it, stabilized it, Ph balanced it and hit it with algaecide. I swap out filters every 3 days. The boys have not been swimming since we came back from WV. Either the pool is green, it is about to rain, or it is actually raining.

This morning started off sunny but oh look


I’m done fighting it. Normally I can keep ahead of the green but it has just rained too much this summer & there is no sign that is about to change. Normally August is hot, humid and dry. So far dry is not an adjective I can use for August and it is the 11th. The boys return to school the 19th. I was going to leave the pool up until Labor Day but I can’t see draining, washing it and refilling it, only for 3 weeks the same as the past 5. 

The boys are ambivalent about it. They were into swimming in June and early July but have no interest now. I wish we had had more use of it, but there is always next year. I’m a bit sad. Taking the pool down is usually one of the last phases of summer ending. I’m not ready for it to be starting now.


Jenni Jiggety said...

I battle the green pool every summer.

So far this year...I haven't had too.

And now I have just invited the universe to pee GREEN into my pool...

Too Many Hats said...

I would be done with it too - that's alot of work for very little actual swimming. How may phases are there to the end of summer? It always sneaks up on me - the first day of school just smacks me silly. I would have it be summer vacation 12 months a year if I could.

SciFi Dad said...

Never had any sort of pool (save for a kiddie pool that we dump after every use), so I have no idea if that's typical.

But I can tell you I wouldn't have lasted as long as you did.

Creative Junkie said...

UGH, this stupid rain! I can't believe how many chemicals we've used this summer! And yep, my girls have used the pool about 1/3 of the time they used it last year.

What a crappy summer, weather wise.

And I know how you feel - closing the pool is basically an invitation for snow.