Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breaking news

Havoc accidentally took a toy gun to school Monday among all the other toy crap in his backpack. The backpack is a bottomless pit (or was until about 5pm Monday evening). I don’t know how he or anyone else finds a damn thing in there, but apparently some other kid was digging through his backpack on the bus ride home (why?) & found it & then the bus driver saw and that sort of thing can’t be ignored.

He went to school Tuesday & the principal called me to tell me about how there has to be a disciplinary committee meeting & I’ll be getting a letter. At the very least he is suspended half a day today. We go to the meeting at 11am today to find out the full punishment. They understand he is a first grader & it was unintentional but policy must be followed. Probably he won’t be expelled but he could be suspended for a week.

I’m waiting to see how it goes before I have any reaction.

Because my gut reaction is humor and it’s no joking matter.

This is serious.

But I can’t help it, inappropriate jokes are all that are coming to mind right now.

It’s my defense mechanism.


More later as this story develops.


SciFi Dad said...

Wow. Disciplinary measures? For an accidental offense that occurred innocently (it's not like the kid was pointing it at someone, was he?)

Definitely keep us posted.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh shoot!

slowpanic said...

it does sound a bit extreme. especially if they give him a week suspension. that is just punishment for you.... good luck.

humel said...

Good luck with this one! I think I'd be turning to humour too, but I do understand why they have to take it seriously. Is he OK though? It must be a difficult situation for him to deal with xx