Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekly Winners

The irises are blooming.

Starting to break free


Breaking through


Getting bigger


Spreading their petals


Fully unfurled


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Ruth said...


humel said...

Wow, these are beautiful shots! I've never seen irises go through these stages - only ever in bloom, so I found this sequence really interesting, thank you :-)

grace134 said...

Love, love LOVE this series.

Tara R. said...

This is a wonderful set... love watching the iris bloom!

Sarah said...

Oh those are seriously some gorgeous shots!!

Kellyology said...

I like the lego picture in your header. How long did it take you to take those flower shots? - Da Boy

(I've let my 11 yo son take over my blog today for Weekly Winners to explore his new love of photography. He's leaving comments everywhere and he LOVES receiving them as well. Thanks! - Kelly)

Jientje said...

That last one takes my breath away!

niseag03 said...

Love it! What a great series! We have three different colors of Iris' in our yard... they are so pretty!

secretagentmama said...

What beauties!!

secretmomthoughts said...

Great shots. I love the progression.

seriousmom said...

My favorite part of spring!