Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Ramblings

It’s May already! I swear it was just February and I was sure Feb would never end. It seemed like there would always be piles of snow.

It was 90 degrees and humid yesterday. That’s late July weather. Apparently spring has come & gone already.

We had to buy Mayhem new shoes yesterday. The ones he has been wearing for the last 6 months are still too big for him. They’ve been worn out too and they literally fall off his feet when he sits in a chair, if his feet don’t touch the ground. I had bought him a  size 1, thinking he would grow into them in a couple months, since he had outgrown the child’s 11s in about 4 weeks and the 12s seemed an exact fit. The 1’s had that thumb’s width of space in them they recommend.

Except his feet have not grown an inch. The 12s still fit perfectly. I got the 13s this time. He said they were too tight. Yeah, well you wear shoes 2 sizes too big for 6 months and I’m sure properly fitting shoes do feel tight.

Havoc has a new insult word – hippie. “You’re a hippie”. “This is so hippie” “Stop being a hippie Mayhem”.  No actually ‘hippie’ like behavior is occurring when he says this. There is no granola involved, no vegetarianism, long hair, granny dresses. No one is saving the earth or moving to a commune. It’s just latest word used in place of dumb, jerk or other insults.  I’m not sure where it came from. I think school.

The last word was “piggie” said in  a high drawn out voice.

I have no enthusiasm for making the weekly menu plan lately. Food I cook is failing to interest me. But I can draw up a weekly menu take out plan.

We took last month off of TKD, first time in 7 months. I was so tired of class 2x a week. We went once last month. We’re going to go once a week this month and then be back to 2x a week come June, assuming the boys want to.  I like that they are involved in something so low stress for me, but there is no TKD ‘season’. It’s year round & that gets a bit much with time.

The cat Ashes has sat at my feet the entire time I was typing. He has ‘meowed’ non stop the whole time. That is 10 solid minutes of meow. I have no idea what he wants. They have foot, they have water, it’s pouring down rain out but he is not the most sensible cat & probably he wants to go out.

If he thinks I am letting a soaking wet cat back in the house, he is gravely mistaken.

I’m headed out to the gym now, followed by the usual library & grocery store stops.

Hope Monday goes well for everyone!

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SciFi Dad said...

My mother bought my son shoes (without him present), and he wore them for weeks before we discovered (when sizing him for sandals at a proper kid's shoe store) that they are 2 sizes too big. I feel like there's no winning with kid's shoes: they either fit right for a week, or they're too big/small.

Creative Junkie said...

I just have no energy on Mondays. I wonder if it's a psychological thing?

I scaled my daughter down to 2x a week for karate - 3x was just undo-able. And I just found out that ours is year round too. I don't know why I thought it ran with the school year.

Ash at Shades said...

The shoes - oh the shoes! I'm pretty sure the sizing is completely bogus. Though, evidently, it's a big competition in my oldest's first-grade class - "Bob wears a 2, but Sarah wears a 3! Can you believe that? A GIRL with a 3?!"

He can remember that, yet cannot tell me what he learned during science time.

Love your header - with two boys of my own, it looks quite familiar.

Darcy said...

I hear ya on the TKD season. We've been going faithfully for eighteen months now, and I'm so ready for a break. I even have stopped going to many because DH is now taking classes with the boys, but they go 3 nights a week, not just two, and I'd love to have our weeknights back - because between TKD and church, we're only home 2 nights a week.

BobbiJanay@Kid to a Grown Up said...

Shoes, they drive me bananas and Ian is only 15 months old.


Love your ramblings and your whole site - Just fantastic! I used to wait for my kids to stop growing for just a few months so I wouldn't have to keep on buying the next size up. They are in their late teens and they are STILL growing, not as fast, but still new wardrobes happen every year. I should be so lucky!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It is so fun he is using the word hippie.

Texasholly said...

OMG I am laughing so hard at the "wear shoes two sizes too big..." THIS is so true and I didn't recognize the signs in my own household.

Thanks for throwing a potluck!